Decorating Services

Here at Gathered-Roots, we offer hourly rate decorating projects that are budget friendly. As an Interior Decorator I create functional spaces within a home as well as furnish a space with existing and new décor. Ultimately, I absolutely am passionate about transforming livable spaces to spaces that are warm and cozy that you'll never want to leave. 

 Our Services Include:
~ Design Consultation 
    ~ Home Staging 
      ~ Interior Decorating
        ~ Small Business Visual Display

          A Design Consultation would consist of meeting with you in your space, walking through your space, gathering information from you, sharing with you what I can offer and creating a budget.

          Residential Design Consultation Fee: $25 (30 minutes)

          Home Staging would consist of meeting with you in your home where I would "stage" your home with everyday decor, Fall/Christmas decor, resale or personal preference. 

          Are you opening or running a small business and need help with visual displays? Contact us to see how we can help you best present your business for your customers.

          *Additional fees apply for traveling 15 miles outside our immediate coverage area.

          To find out additional information, please contact Libby at: OR call 317-482-7979