Season's Change



        So, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my next blog would be. This is all new to me, so I don’t know what most bloggers do, but something that has really stuck out to me at this point in time and in my life is “Seasons”. My husband gifted me Scotty McCreary’s newest album, Seasons Change, not too long ago and I love his hit song, Seasons Change. Scotty’s song talks about; just when you don’t think you can make it through, season’s change.

     With the fall weather officially here in Indiana, summer is behind us and Autumn is before us. As I begin to see leaves falling to the ground and the ever-slight change in the colors of the trees, I gain excitement because of the change in the season. Plus, Fall is one of my favorite seasons. There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on a Fall crisp morning. (not a coffee lover…lol)

        As time passes, and I grow in this journey of life, I have begun to appreciate more, savoring the moments that I am given and embracing the different seasons of my life. Not all seasons are good, but how would we grow if we don’t stumble? Life consists of so many seasons. The season of childhood, teen years, young adulthood, parenthood, grandparent-hood (if that’s even a word, lol), retirement and so on. Life for all of us is always changing. Some of us accept change easier than others. God created us all uniquely in our own special way. It’s all in how we embrace change.

       This season of life is certainly a busy one for me right now. I am a wife and a mama of two, and our children sure do keep us on our feet. I’ve mostly felt confident in parenting our children, but as they are getting older, I feel it has become more challenging as they are growing, changing and maturing. It’s hard as a mother to let go and give our children a little more independence. Parenthood has its joys and obstacles, but in this season of being a mom to a 10 and 8-year-old, I’m catching myself holding onto every moment I have with our children.

        Aside from being a mom first, is my career, the shop. Being a small business owner has made me a stronger person in different areas of my life. This is still a newer season of life that I am still getting used to as our business grows. Being in this newer season of owning a small business, a year and half now, there have been ups and downs and just like life, small pieces of our business is consistently changing, but I wouldn’t trade it in for any other career. I truly feel this is where I have been called and where I can share the gifts God has given me.

       So, seasons change, how will you embrace today, this season of your life? Before you know it, you’ll blink, and you will be in a new season of life. Take a moment and stop what you are doing, look up and cease the day, “Carpe Diem”. There is no better time than today.