Hey guys! This is officially my first blog! I never would have guessed I would be running my own business and blogging, but here I am today, truly grateful to be able to do what I enjoy. I'd like to take the next few paragraphs to give you a background of myself and how I got to where I am today.

 It's interesting, now that I look back, to when I was a young girl, I'd always be re-arranging my bedroom furniture and organizing. My mom would get nervous as I would always figure out a way to swap furniture from our basement all the way upstairs. Now that I'm a mom, I sure do appreciate the patience my mom had when I'd sneak around doing this. 

 Moving into a little cottage house with my sister, my second year of college, was super fun as we got to decorate our small space. Even though it was on a very tight budget, we'd make it work with handme-downs and excellent finds from rummage sales. And then unexpectedly the middle of my junior year of college, I met my hubby, Troy. Bless his heart. 

 As we dated for a short four months, we were married less than a year later and had purchased a sweet 1940's bungalow in my hometown. I'll never forget Tulip, she lived across the street and had originally lived in our home. She and her husband had bought this home as a kit, and built it themselves. She shared a sweet picture of herself sitting on the front porch in her younger days. I loved knowing the history of our first home that we lived in and its simplicity. This was my first experience in getting to choose most of our home decor which was super fun! 

Since our son Aiden was born in 2008, I was fortunate to be able to stay at home with him and our daughter Anna, born in 2010. I am so thankful to have had that time with them as babies until they entered elementary school. Being able to raise our babies is truly the best gift a mother could ask for.

 Fast forward some years, now that my kiddos were in kindergarten/pre-school I had a little more time to be creative. During that time is when I began painting furniture, re-purposing vintage finds and making our large wall clocks. As mentioned in our "About Us" page, I began consigning our handmade wood clocks in a local eclectic shop which then lead to me having a booth space. As I lent a hand to the shop owner, where I had my booth space, I learned how much I enjoyed creating relationships with loyal customers and sharing design tips.

  Seeing how customers loved my product in my booth space, and seeing first hand what it would take to tend a shop, I gained confidence in the idea of having my own shop. After sharing my idea and passion with Troy, he supported me and helped me by looking at different locations, to building display pieces and filling out all that business paper work. Troy's handy skills have certainly been a tremendous help and I am truly grateful for all of his help.

   Our doors have now been open nearly a year and half and its' still crazy for me to think that this place is mine. The adventure of finding the pieces to bring into the store is so much fun, as well as seeing our customers excitement in finding the perfect piece's for their space. What a dream, I am so very thankful and I wouldn't be doing what I love without the support of our customers. Thank You!